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Taillerie du Vernet

Demonstration of size, polishing and of façéttage of crystals (amethyst, stylus) by a lapidary,

New and first! The geosite of Auvergne Amethyst studying...

Since september 2012, amethyste place is studying by students ingeniers from the Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais,on direction of the professor og geology Mohamed Nasraoui and of geophysic Pascale Lutz. This first investigation is on ground and underground of town's territories of La Chapelle-sur-Usson, Champagnat-le-Jeune and the south of Le Vernet la Varenne : geologic cartography, geophysic prospection, petrography, petrology, geochemy, mineralogy,...

During 2013-2014, studies were following on town's territories of Chaméane, Saint-Etienne-sur-Usson and the north of Le Vernet la Varenne.

Taste the pasta of fruits « The Amethyst of Vernet ® »

Exhibition « Quartz in all its states », since 2012

Exhibition « Saphir, pierre céleste », after 2013 the 10th

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